Write a Novel in a Month

If you like to write, get ready for November. Write a 50,000- word novel and submit it before the end of November and You’re winner!

You have read all the Harry Potter Books, watched the movies, and you are excited. You wonder if you could write as interesting a book. Can you? Well you may be able to find out soon.
  November is “Novel Writing Month”. It started in a small way in the U.S as National Novel Writing Month 10 years ago, but has now become so popular and with the help of computers, is organised on the internet so people all over the world can participate.  
  What this event requires is that you write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November! So how much is 50,000 words? There are no judges, no prizes, and no entrance fees. If you participate, it’ll have to be for the love of writing. Also, if you submit the novel by the deadline and it satisfies the word count you will be declared a “winner” along with others who did so. Remember though, that there is an October 30 deadline to register and the lines may be jammed, so get your registration in early.  

Mammoth task:

  It is interesting to note that the total number of words submitted in 2008 was, 1,643,343,993! If you’re wondering whether these “novels” were published, you’ll be disappointed to hear that most of them were not.  
  This is not surprising, because writing 50,000 words a month is not easy and here the accent is on quantity and not quality.

  If you really want to write a novel of this length and get it published, you’ll have to work hard after the event, edit, and polish your work before you submit it to publishers.  
  Believe me; you will be relieved when you are able to type those two little magic words, “The End!” However, the thrill of writing will inspire confidence in you.  

Best Of luck!

The Novel Writing Month requires you to register on the website http://www.nanowrimo.org/ before November. The ‘rules’ are simple. The motto of the event is “No Plot! No Problem!”

When the event started in San Francisco, U.S in 1999 with just 21 people there we no rules except that the total number of words should be at least 50,000 and it should be written in November. However, participants seemed to want rules!

So the club made some rules:

  • The word count cannot be less than 50,000.

  • It has to be a novel.
  • It had to be emailed to the: “NaNoWriMo” office by Pacific Standard Time (IST – 12.5 hours,) on November 30 for the word count to be done.

A workable schedule:

November 1 – November 5

10,000 words

November 6 – Day Off

November 7 – November 11

10,000 words

November 12 – Day off

November 13 – November 17

10,000 words

November 18 – Day off

November 19 – November 23

10,000 words

November 24 – Day off

November 25 – November 29

10,000 words

November 30 – finishing touches, polishing, and email!